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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Funny moments in my little world

1. I was mimicking a voice from a cartoon Joshua was watching. He says, "mom, you sound like a witch that's so old she poops her pants."   What a charmer. 

2. We were at the boys' grandparents house today baking Christmas cookies. As we left I softly said to Jacob, who is autistic, "hey wanna give love to your gramps and say thank you for today? He replied, "sure! Why not? He's a fine fella!"
Clearly this was my other twin from story #1. Ha! 

3.  My charmer twin, who really is, told me I not only looked beautiful, sang beautiful but God made me beautiful on the inside. He paused and said "tears of joy mom?" Were they ever. 

4. Jacob has been exhibiting more eye contact, more hugs and touching than at any other time I can think of in his life. I am so blessed!!!!! 
Jacob sleeping

Jacob obsessively doing math problems 

My love, Joshua who's also a stinkpot lol

Eating and loving spaghetti for the first time!!

I felt like posting something real on the ithe side of life for a change. Stay warm!! 

Still searching....

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